We have been working hard to rebuild from the ground up core elements of Spheriums. Thanks to the generous support of the community.

The early access version currently available on Steam shows a small glimpse of what is coming.

The Drainers have attacked after millennia of peace and threatened the Spherium civilization!

Play as the Spherium warrior Arcos and uncover powerful secrets left by the ancient Elders throughout your star cluster. Drainers – sworn enemies of the Spherium people – threaten your dying planet’s rapidly depleting energy. Can you save the Journeyed Worlds in time?

You will discover the Elders’ secrets by exploring six strange and very different worlds. To rescue your civilization, you will need to find old weapon technologies, upgrade your equipment, gather resources, solve puzzles, and defeat many unique creatures.

You will encounter over 50 different kinds of creatures, each of them has its own behavior and weaknesses. Be careful!

The Drainers are the sworn enemy of the Spheriums. Before the Great War, they had been defeated once but have recently reappeared after so many generations of peace. These fast-moving alien creatures come in different shapes and forms.

The game was designed with the whole family in mind. Strange creatures and fauna with no earth-like reference (except flowers :) ) make Spheriums cartoonish and refreshing. You never know what you will discover.

Spheriums is an original game, unlike anything you have played before. The game focuses on a surreal and stylized graphics visual with an emotional palette of colors to allow the player to enjoy the stunning visual atmosphere.

Why Early Access?

“Spheriums has been in development for more than 20 months. Being two developers working on the game, we know that the best ideas come from the communities. We had a few internal beta testers, but we believe it is time to open Spheriums to more users through Early Access.

Our approach is to work with the community to help us improve all aspects of the game. We want to enhance the gameplay, the design, to name a few, by fixing issues and exploring new ideas to allow everyone to experience the great game you deserve.”


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