We are working on the implementation of the day and night cycle. Initially, we are coding it in the first world, Korala, to see how it feels and if we can make something fun and challenging with the gameplay.

The gameplay encourages the player to explore either during the day or night, as enemy types may differ depending on the cycle! At night, they may be more challenging to defeat.

The short video shows an accelerated transition from day to night on Korala.

Some may notice that there is no sun as there is no rotation of the shadow.

This is because the planets in Spheriums are around a black hole without a sun. The black hole attracts the worlds like a magnet, so they always face the same direction. However, an unknown object is orbiting around the black hole, creating the day and night cycle.

This was the story’s reason :) The actual development reason is that since we are also porting the game to the Wii, we are baking some shadows for optimization. Therefore moving two lights would have broken the visual.

Spheriums have six planets around a black hole without a sun. They are attracted like a magnet to the same position toward the black hole.