Just in time for the Indie Cup Celebration, we are releasing an update with a few new critical changes in AI. We have received many comments about AI, and it is time for us to start addressing them. A few changes are in this build, but more significant changes in the AI department are coming in the subsequent updates.


  • AI Kraspian – Now attack the player while keeping their position. If they are fired at, they may stay, avoid or run away. They will dodge in the air as Kraspian have a helical propeller. They will also shoot 3 projectiles when they escape. (Work in progress)
  • AI Floating crystal – Will wander around, and if they see the player, they will start firing while moving toward the player as they are attracted by the energy signature and will self-destroy at the player’s contact. The player can no longer destroy their projectiles. (Work in progress)
  • AI Baby Birlum – If you start shooting them, they will try to run away from the player as they have no defense mechanism.
  • AI Birlum – They are creatures that do not bother with your presence. However, when they see you, they will stare at you as they ensure your intention. Then, they will return the favor and start shooting at you if you start firing at them.
  • Partial controller support – The controller can be used while playing the game, except when going into any UI (e.g., Inventory, journal, etc.). Full controller support will be implemented for the official release of the game.

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