Montreal, December 13, 2021– Braintonik GameStudios, an independent game development studio is proud to release its first game – Spheriums.

Spheriums, is a 1st-person adventure game about an energy-based lifeform called Spheriums. As Spheria, you will uncover the elders’ old secrets, overtake the many dangerous habitats on dazzling alien worlds and repel the Drainers’ your greatest enemies!

Spheriums has been in development for a year. Being two developers working on the game, we know that the best ideas come from the communities. We had a few internal beta testers, but we believe it is time to open Spheriums to more users through Early Access.

Our approach is to work with the community to help us improve all aspects of the game. We want to enhance the gameplay, the design, to name a few, by fixing issues and exploring new ideas to allow everyone to experience the great game you deserve.”

About Braintonik

Founded by Nicolas Michaud and Jean-Pierre Harvey, Braintonik is an independent game development studio based in Montreal. We are driven by our passion for gaming, artistic creativity, and willingness to deliver fantastic games that will provide you with a thrilling adventure.

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