Montreal, December 16th, 2022. Another strong milestone. The overall revamp of Meolia is done and ready to play. The second world has eight islands to explore, and you must fight to free all the emitters from the invaders.

We are proud to make it to the Top 100 of IndieDB “Indie of the year 2022,” and the voting for the top 10 is now in progress. You can learn more about it here:

Spheriums is available as early access on Steam with limited content and should be released around Q2 2023 on PC and consoles later. We are looking for a publisher to bring the game to its full potential.

Watch the new Spheriums trailer :


  • An emotional and surrealistic sci-fi art style with a complete set of alien worlds surrounded by strange creatures.
  • A tactical combat system requires the right weapon for the right enemy; You don’t run and try shooting all enemies with the same gun; you will fail! Challenge gets more demanding as the game progress creating an exhilarating feeling during battles.
  • Resource management plays a strategic role in the game due to limited inventory space.
  • An adaptive music approach switches the tempo from zen exploration to heavy battles.
  • Kindra is your AI custodian that guides you and plays a significant role later in the game in helping you defeat enemies.

About Us:

Founded by Nicolas Michaud and Jean-Pierre Harvey, our independent game development studio is based in the Montreal area. Our passion for gaming drives us and our artistic creativity to produce our first game, Spheriums, developed with Unreal Engine.

Being just two developers, we benefit from our multi-disciplinary background to tackle every aspect of the game production, complementing our expertise by subcontracting targeted tasks.

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