• Improve the level design of Korala based on extensive feedback from people playing the game to bring better gameplay, reduce ambiguity and add more challenges.
  • Story and hard modes are now available when starting a new game.
  • The player can change the difficulty level while playing.
  • Firing an energy ball will no longer use player energy.
  • Enhance the inventory with much better UI elements to tell what is locked and what upgrade can be unlocked.
  • Reduce the energy required to open a Spheriums building.
  • Add a message when getting closer to a magnetic object to explain to the player what to do.
  • Remove confusion related to creating the CX32 power pack in the inventory.
  • Rock teeth on Zeros can now be triggered by firing an energy ball from a distance.


  • Bosboon on the last island of Meolia was not working.
  • Structonite teeth sometimes damaged the player, even if the player was not close to the creature.


  • Changing the difficulty level while playing the game shows a bug in the UI with bad string formatting.
  • The difficulty level string appears in English while playing the game in French.