How long is the game?2022-10-01T18:45:04+00:00

The final release version will provide 12+ hours of gameplay with various options to diversify the challenges, such as difficulty levels and optional achievements.

What languages will be supported in the game?2022-02-24T18:15:26+00:00

We currently support English and French for the user interface and subtitles. The audio is only English at this time.

However, we plan to support more languages when we officially release the game after the Early Access.

Can I stream your game?2022-02-24T18:11:44+00:00

Yes, we give full permission to stream our game and permission to monetize footage on youTube.

I don’t see any achievements. Do you plan to support them?2022-02-24T18:18:12+00:00

Yes, we plan to add achievements later on during the early access.

Is the game controller supported?2022-02-24T18:16:28+00:00

Only partially at this time. We plan to have full support soon.

After loading a game, why do I feel that the enemies are at full strength!2022-02-24T18:16:33+00:00

The partial state of enemies is not saved, and they will have their full strength after reloading the game.

I am stuck in the game’s geometry; what can I do?2022-02-24T18:16:38+00:00

You can press the END key to respawn to the closest activated obelisk at any time. However, it will consume all of your energy.

How do I report a bug or want to talk about the game?2022-02-24T18:23:42+00:00

You can submit a bug by emailing at, or the ideal way would be to join our Discord server to discuss more quickly.

Our approach is to work with the community to help us improve all aspects of the game.
We want to enhance the gameplay, the design, to name a few, by fixing issues and exploring new ideas to allow everyone to experience the great game you deserve.


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