An important milestone

Today, we are releasing a major update as many fundamental aspects were changed, like the enemies’ AI, quantities, difficulties, resource availability, level design, etc. More details can be found in the ‘Features’ description.

WARNING – Unfortunately, despite our best effort, changes in the game were so significant that we could not keep persistence compatibility. Your previous saved games will not work anymore. The game changed so much that you need to start a new game.


  • Rework the level design of W1 (Korala) to simplify the player path to reduce long back and forth to solve some puzzles.
  • Revamp level design of W2 (Meolia) to enhance the gameplay.
  • W1 and W2 have received many changes in terms of enemy placement for better combats and more challenges.
  • Revamp is in progress for the level design of W3 (Mazir). You can start playing this world, but expects many changes in the next release, planned for the week of May 16th.
  • An updated tutorial on what to do in W1.
  • A beam of light is now available to light up the darker area in the different worlds.
  • The Apex Mk I and Mk II boss difficulty level and pattern have been enhanced.
  • Grass/Rock Pikoon (W1/W2/W3) can now be damaged with an energy ball from a distance.
  • Pikoon in W4 (Zeros) reacts with lights based on distance.
  • The player energy is back to 100% after emergency teleportation.
  • Worm in W3 removes 50% of shield’s player instead of 100%.
  • Falling in a canyon of W3 now removes only 50% of the shield’s player.
  • A maximum of 4 power-ups can be kept in the power-up inventory. Use it wisely.
  • The respawn time of membranium was changed from 20 minutes to 7 minutes +/- 3 minutes random.
  • Update plasmian cocoon behaviors and hit points.
  • Update the whole story to understand better what happens to the Spheriums.
  • Introduce many new fauna creatures.
  • Update all drainers as well as commanders with better AI and difficulty levels.
  • Introduce new drainers.
  • Complete revamp of the Bosboon.
  • Reduction of the Medusa speed significantly when a player was getting closer too.
  • Introduction of new drainer buildings.
  • Introduction of new drainer weapons; TRX-I, TRX-II, TRX-III.
  • Update the user interfaces for the journal, scanning, map, some dialogs, and introduction message dialog.
  • Rework of some particle effects
  • Changes and enhancement of materials for many enemies, fauna, and in-game items.
  • The first phase of optimization for LOD was done on W1 and W2.


  • W4 emitters were randomly active.
  • Some of the creatures in W4 were stuck in walls or could not easily be found.
  • Some enemies were not doing any damage.
  • The worm in W3 was coming from rocks in some cases.


  • The skill tree needs to be tweaked and will be rebalanced for the next release.
  • Some new creatures do not have entries in the scanning journal
  • Some creatures in the scanning journal still have their old visuals.